Chain of Responsibility
Policy Statement

Nybor Holdings is committed to adhering to the obligations of Chain of Responsibility requirements. We ensure that our suppliers are aware of and adhere to the guidelines of COR. As Nybor does not have any onsite presence at either loading or unloading sites, we require our suppliers to have the necessary processes in places to manage chain of responsibility obligations, and in turn to ensure that the third party transport that they engage are COR compliant.

As the consignor of goods being delivered to our clients Nybor is directly responsible for ensuring our influence does not cause breaches of road transport law, including the following:

  • Loads do not exceed vehicle mass or dimension limits
  • Goods carried on our behalf are able to be appropriately secured
  • Ensuring valid Container Weight Declarations are provided for the carrying of containers
  • Our delivery requirements do not require or encourage drivers to –
        • Exceed the speed limits
        • Exceed regulated driving hours
        • Fail to meet the minimum rest requirements
        • Drive while impaired by fatigue

Nybor Holdings is committed to work with our clients, suppliers and others to continually review and improve our obligations regarding chain of responsibility requirements and management.