Nybor Policy on Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing of Products.

Nybor Holdings seeks to procure products that meet the highest possible quality and food safety requirements  from suppliers that have a harmonious balance of economic, environmental and social responsibilities. We work collaboratively with our clients and our supply chain for the mutual benefit of our business and our society.  As sustainability involves many internal and external stakeholders from different backgrounds, this document is created to help us reach shared interpretation and expectation towards a sustainable and ethically responsible supply chain.

We strive to do this by:

  • Sourcing Sustainably and Ethically
  • Ensuring Quality and Safety
  • Protecting the environment
  • Buying and selling responsibly
  • No tolerance for corruption
  • Delivering value to our clients

All stakeholders we work with (suppliers and service suppliers) shall ensure that they and their suppliers respect sustainable and ethical principles throughout all stages of the supply chain.  Our partners in the supply chain are expected to  follow all legal and voluntary standards regarding fair competition, transparency of reporting, and full compliance with the laws and regulations governing their business.

Our full statement on “Responsible Sourcing” is available on request.